Klutz Lego Packs and Sets

Klutz Lego Chain Reactions

Klutz Lego Chain Reactions - $29.95

Build 10 simple machines that can be combined to make a Rube Goldberg-style chain reaction. Configure the modules in different combinations for all-new results. Use the included LEGO pieces in conjunction with your own collection to build the contraptions, plus record your experiments in the pages of the book!


Klutz Gear Bots

Klutz Gear Bots - $29.95

Build S.T.E.M.-driven models, such as DJ Bubbles, a pterodactyl, a yeti, and much more! Kinetic sculptures, or automata, are mechanically engineering toys that move when you crank the handle on the side. They move through a series of axles, cams, and cranks that work like the pistons in an engine. Each model includes a papercraft character that you fold and link with LEGO elements.


Klutz Lego Gadgets

Klutz Lego Gadgets - $29.95

This LEGO Gadgets Activity Kit is perfect for your little engineer! Recommended for ages 8 and up, this kit includes 58 LEGO elements for building 11 machines- including a gravity powered car or a catapult. The 78-page book includes step-by-step instructions to build each machine.


Klutz Make Your Own Movie)

Klutz Make Your Own Movie - $29.95

Lights, camera, action! Make a movie using your own phone, tablet or computer! Now kids can bring LEGO minifigures to life with this beginner-friendly guide to stop-motion animation. Ten “Mini Movies” walk you through the steps to make short, funny film scenes.


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